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We are an investment platform in revolutionary sectors where investors from around the world profit daily.

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With know-how and expertise through highly skilled professionals, we invest wisely to guarantee above-normal returns in the largest financial markets in the world!

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We are a global corporation with a group of investors from around the world, making capital render in ways never seen before. Be part of this revolution!

A Eagle Trading Corporation

Com sede administrativa em Dubai, Emirados Árabes, e presença mundial com representantes estratégicos no Paraguai, Portugal e Ásia, a Eagle trabalha internacionalmente nos maiores mercados financeiros do mundo.
What We Do


From the effectiveness of a highly qualified team and efficiency of technological equipment, provide the knowledge and security necessary to achieve high profitability in the investments of its associates.


To be a benchmark in the global financial market in digital investment and mining operations, transforming the expectation, satisfaction and above all the reality of its associates.

Our Core

We are mainly focused on strategies, balance, safety, daring and excellence in conducting our work with our associates.


Eagle works from the effectiveness of a highly qualified team combined with the efficiency of technological equipment

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Sports Betting

Sports Betting is the activity of predicting sports results and betting on results. Sports bettors place their bets legally, through a bookmaker.

Eagle Trading Corporate operates in the market by trading these bets with highly qualified agents and expertise to grow its capital.


Forex is a decentralized financial market destined to foreign exchange transactions, being the largest market in the world.

In terms of volume of money, it moves the equivalent of more than 5 trillion US dollars daily.

According to data from 2007, it moved about 3.43 times more than the sum of all bond markets in the world, and 9.63 times the volume traded in the world stock market.

Horse Racing

Sport that promotes and encourages horse racing. In its most widespread form, it originated in the United Kingdom and is today one of the most traditional sports. It involves horse training, competition and betting.

Day Trade

Trading mode used in financial markets, whose objective is to obtain profit through the fluctuation of the price of financial assets throughout the day.

Eagle Trading Corporate works with professionals specializing in this trading model, called day traders.


A crypto-currency is a decentralized trading medium that uses blockchain technology and cryptography to ensure the validity of transactions and the creation of new currency units.

Bitcoin, the first decentralized crypto-currency, was created in 2009 and became the leading currency today, along with the Ethereum currency.


It is a set of actions to validate and process the transactions of a digital currency located in the block chain (blockchain). In short, crypto-coin mining is the task of finding the key that encrypts blocks, called "hash," in exchange for a% of the value of those coins.

This task requires a high computational effort, and Eagle Trading Corporate works in partnership with the largest mining companies in the world.

Our Differentials

Eagle helps people around the world who want to be part of this revolution

The world is constantly changing, and for those who can see ahead and prepare for the future, a new fortune awaits. The time is now!

High Gains

Your only task will be to look at your account to manage your profits. The rest our specialized team takes care of. We have the best tools to give you unprecedented gains.


We use the latest technology in algorithms that work 24 hours a day making your investment render in a practical and safe way. With Eagle, technology works to your advantage.


We believe in the power of teamwork, so we've created a form of career reward ever before. Join this club now!

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Affordable Plans

Start earning right now with the right plan, the size of your dreams!

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  • Up to 2,5% Daily Gains
  • 50 Pts
  • 10% Binary Gains
  • $50 Ceiling
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  • Up to 2,5% Daily Gains
  • 100 Pts
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  • Up to 2,5% Daily Gains
  • 200 Pts
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  • Up to 2,5% Daily Gains
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  • Up to 2,5% Daily Gains
  • 500 Pts
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  • Up to 2,5% Daily Gains
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  • Up to 2,5% Daily Gains
  • 3,000 Pts
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Business Plan

We have created a simple and innovative business model, made for all profiles of people looking to invest safely!

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